The Pot Roast Reflection

Today I made a pot roast. I was shopping at Sam’s two weeks ago and fell in love with a gorgeous cut of beef. I had to have it. I was determined to make it last weekend, but after endless … Continue reading

Grilled Cheese: Your lunch, my dinner

Grilled Cheese: Your lunch, my dinner

Last night I didn’t cook. I find it challenging to cook when (1) my singing monster (most loved boyfriend) and I work very late, and (2) the best diner in the state is literally across the street and open 24×7. … Continue reading

Meatballs: The New Blog Recipe

Last night I made meatballs from scratch. This is the first time I make meatballs, but not the first time I try a “new recipe”. I think I’m still adapting to my new life in the US.

I moved here from Barcelona four years ago with a very specific plan. Let’s say I came here with a recipe for spaghetti carbonara and I ended up making cupcakes. If you ask me, I love spaghetti carbonara and I love cupcakes, so I am not complaining.

As I engage in lovely relaxing simple tasks my mind takes me back to Spain and I can’t help wondering what my family and friends would say if they saw me. My mom would probably say that’s much easier buying the meatballs from the market (she’s right). I love my mom, she is such a hard working woman. I doubt she ever had the time to make meatballs from scratch. I’ll talk more about her in the future.

As of my friends, are they also trying to put their lives together by engaging in traditional activities like cooking from scratch? Are they successful? I find this harder than I thought. When I was a teenager I thought I would have five kids and I would be a hard working housewife, cooking and entertaining crowds. I am currently single, just moved in with my singing monster (my boyfriend, I love him, I’ll explain in a future post), so I cook for two. Well this is hard.

I’ve left my country, learnt English in no time, studied and worked full time, made amazing friends and eternal enemies, and I find it hard to cook for two. Oh well, I’m not giving up. I decided to start this blog and I’ll be sharing little and big stories of my successes and failures, and my old and new recipes for survival and happiness. Stay tuned for a fun adventure.



PS: The meatball recipe was from Martha Stewart. The meatballs had great flavor, although my singing monster argued that they needed more salt. The tomato sauce was disappointing: just crushed canned tomatoes. Next time I’m using a good pasta sauce instead.