Grilled Cheese: Your lunch, my dinner

Grilled Cheese: Your lunch, my dinner

Last night I didn’t cook. I find it challenging to cook when (1) my singing monster (most loved boyfriend) and I work very late, and (2) the best diner in the state is literally across the street and open 24×7.

I first thought about trying a new chicken stir-fry recipe and stick to my rule of ordering only once a week, but I couldn’t wait an hour for food. The recipes I look for are usually 20-30min recipes, but just because it takes me 1h+ to complete them. Is it just me or prepping food is not that trivial? You have to thaw the meat, chop the veggies but not your fingers, find suitable substitutes for the ingredient that you are always missing…Oh! And do an average of 5 online searches to find out how many fluid oz are in a cup, or how on earth you measure thyme in oz without a scale. That takes extra time and makes your smartphone sticky. I think I found a solution for this and I have a project in mind. I’ll be sharing more about it in a few posts.

So after browsing more than 250 items in the Fabulous Diner menu I decided to go with G.A.C: Grilled American Cheese. When I suggested making grilled cheese for dinner, two weeks ago, his eyebrow raised as he said: “grilled cheese is for lunch, not for dinner”. Well I think it makes a delicious weeknight dinner and I loved it. I was so happy eating I didn’t bother commenting on his choice: straight from the all-day breakfast menu he ordered eggs, home fries, bacon and two pancakes. How’s that for dinner? I say it’s great, as long as you enjoy eating it.


PS. Recipe for late weeknight easy dinner:

– Call up your favorite local restaurant
– Order whatever your body is craving
– Watch your favorite show as you eat and be happy


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